Robert Dangel Family Cards
by Jim Dangel

Robert Dangel & Josephine Versic





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These are the ancestors and descendants of my Grandfather Robert Dangel's family. His family came from Alsace. Alsace has alternated between Germany and France along with every war. May it remain in peace. Grandpa was married twice after my grandma, but he had no further children.

This data includes much data from cousins in Alsace, much of it the Bauer family and Juen families. To save space and redundancy, France is not included for places. In most cases there is a French Department number after the city or village. Most are the Haut-Rhin department number 68.

I have included some other Dangel family who are not related, through an imaginary unknown Alsatian Dangel. I have some data I am working on from other Dangel from Germany that I am not related to, so next edition will have them.

 I would like to hear from anyone that would like to exchange data, so that I can be more complete.

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