Sitka High School Class of 1965

Planned Reunion for First Days of July 2005 in Sitka

The following is a list of those who either have not responded
or couldn't be located:

Dane Richard Amos (mail returned)

Susan Marie Brown (no address)

LaVerne Annette Cook (mail returned)

Walter Finley Huff (written to relatives)

Leigh Emory Larsen (called the Larsen's in Anchorage - not him, mail sent to Girdwood was not returned)

Roberta Ann Merrill (e-mailed a Merrill listed on "ClassMates" but got no response)

Dennis Jon Parrish (correct address - no response)

Jeffery Marshall Dunlap (correct address - no response)

Penny Sue Libolt (did not respond to ClassMate e-mail)

Margaret Ann Modrell (correct address - no response)

David Fred Charles (mail was not returned - no response);

Stanley William Doig (mail not returned - no response)

Renee Beryl Ozawa (mail returned, local Ozawa's have not returned my call)

Patricia Dale Pelayo (mail not returned - no response)

James William Roberts (correct address - no response)

Kenneth Duane Shabo (correct address - no response)

Leona Stafford (correct address - no response)

Dave Alan Thompson (correct address - no response)

Roger Wesley White (no response to ClassMates e-mail)

Virginia Coulson (mail returned)

Michael Terry Turner (mail not returned, no response to ClassMates e-mail - I left a message on the Anchorage number for a Mike Turner-no response so far)

Virginia Diane Welton (mail not returned - no response)

Pamela Margaret Feist (she was sent our info by a friend - no response)

Any of you find this list or someone that knows any of them how about answering!!! And if there are any of you that see this that are interested in a reunion and have not responded to Alice, now is the time.

James R. Dangel

P.O. Box 219

Sitka, Alaska 99835 USA

Phone:    907-747-3348


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